Art & Design

RENT or buy ART- directly from the studio.
Having an art assignment carried out, commissioned art or choosing a painting in the studio of Maggy Voorsluys Gomez is possible for both companies and private individuals. One can choose from different series of paintings, even the most recent paintings, photographs and drawings.
The choice between renting art or buying it directly is up to you. Renting first and then buying is the most commonly used (prefered) option because renting = saving. All agreements regarding the rental of art are laid down in writing in contract with.
The rental price of a work of art is 10% on an annual basis of the established sales price, with a minimum of € 35 per month. You can save 80% of the paid rental amount. You can use the saved amount to purchase the work at the set selling price. If you terminate the rent prematurely, the amount that you would have saved will expire.
If you buy an artwork directly, you will receive a 10% discount on the purchase price.
If you prefer to have an order realized, this can be done in good agreement of costs and delivery time.

INSURANCE Throughout the duration of the lease, he/she will be responsible for the artifact in all circumstances. You can have the art covered by your insurance but you must register this yourself during the lease duration because the artifact is leaseholders responsibility untill written notice has been given, ending the leasehold. We recommend to contact your insurance company, because any damage that has occurred during the loan period will be recovered.